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Looking for a unique Australian voice? One that sounds real and believable, yet also professional? Whether it’s for a cool-millennial ad, or a corporate video with gravitas, I’ll work to deliver the tone your script deserves. With all the story-telling nuances that help it connect with your audience.

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Set your mind at ease - ask me for a free custom sample of your script (that I’ll get to you fast). If you don’t love it, I’ll tweak it till you do OR happily suggest another female or male voice artist who might fit the bill. I’m not precious.


Been holding out for a voice talent who will just get it? Don’t have time to hand-hold? Looking for 10 Reasons you should hire me for eLearning? (yes really, click here).


Send a message or email now. You'll be sharing the same smart voice choice as some of the world's biggest brands.


"Jen is an absolute delight to work with. She brings empathy and warmth to our content, is intelligent in understanding the story we are trying to portray and highlights the important moments that count. I love Jen's ability to turn content around so quickly and I often find myself smiling when I listen to her work."

Sheree, The Career Conversation

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