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Voiceover for Business

The voice you choose for your IVR or explainer video

will represent you to potential customers 24/7

So let's make sure that voice leaves a good impression, right?


It's not enough to have just a smooth professional-sounding voice. Tone and emotion matters. Have you ever heard a recorded voice on the end of the phone say "Sorry we can't take your call right now but we're busy serving other customers" and felt like the voice wasn't actually very sorry at all, and that you didn't really matter (despite what the words were saying)? Or have you ever watched an explainer video and felt like the voice didn't care about, or even actually understand the product?


I think we've all heard the research that says 

  • Words (the literal meaning) account for 7% of the overall message

  • Tone of voice accounts for 38% of the overall message

  • Body Language accounts for 55% of the overall message


So if we take body language out of that equation, that means tone of voice is 5 times more significant than the words for the communication of the overall message!! 


Send me a message to let me know the tone that YOU want to communicate to your potential customers. I'll get you a professionalgenuine, warm, engaging, disarming, conversational....... (you fill in the dots) recording in a flash.



Jennifer Mary was a delight to work with! As all can hear, she has a fantastic voice with a beautifully bright Australian accent, and she did a great job in helping Ocean Conservancy with its latest video - an animated advertisement and how-to video of our Clean Swell app. Her professionalism, demeanor, voice and dedication to ensuring we received just the right version of the narration were above expectations and greatly appreciated. He voice would make an excellent addition to any project.


Ocean Conservancy