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Government Voiceover

There are some clients who really care about the detail

Often (but not always) these are high-level corporate or government clients. There's usually more than one person who gets a say. 


Does this sound like something you're working on?


You'll want your voice talent to make you look good. Am I right?


What you don't want

  • poor quality audio with echo, hiss, hum or crackle

  • a performance that just doesn't get it

  • someone unavailable for pick-ups

  • to lose precious time by (gasp!) having to get the voiceover re-done


What you do want

  • a custom sample to present to the client 

  • broadcast quality audio

  • a warm inspiring performance with understated authority

  • a read that sounds believable and gets the whole point across (also known as 'telling the story of the script')

  • someone who's available for pickups (even up to 12 months later - true story)


Ready to record something unique for that special client? Send me a message and let's get the ball rolling!


Jen is an unusual find and lucky we found her, besides being a sound professional, her versatile nature provides the perfect mix for great audio visuals. She is very responsive and high quality output comes without saying. I highly recommend Jen, great work, every time!

Phil Maso

Department of Main Roads Western Australia