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Jeffrey Umberger



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If you're under pressure and quality is essential

- I get you.

If you become my client I will truly care about your project and the performance I bring to it. 

Tell me your voiceover pain and let me take care of it. 


Where do you record?
In a double-walled isolation booth built from MDF wood and lined with Basotect foam. The booth stops noise from the outside getting in, and the foam creates that professional "dead" sound. I can also travel to the Brisbane studio of your choice.


What's your gear?

  • Sennheiser MKH416, Neumann TLM102

  • Audient iD14 interface

  • Macbook plus Twisted Wave


Do you edit the files?
Absolutely. I can edit, de-breath and lightly process my files so they're ready to go. Alternatively I provide you with the RAW file for your team to produce. I upload to Hightail, WeTransfer, GoogleDrive or Dropbox - let me know your preference.


What - you do live sessions?
Of course! Just let me know your time zone and we'll connect however suits. SourceConnect, Skype, Facetime, GoogleHangouts, phone, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger. So many options in these modern times.

What do you charge?
Every project is unique and the value is determined by usage/reach - how long the recording will be used for (e.g., 3 months) and how many people will hear it (e.g., one state or national). When you get in touch, be sure to let me know the length of the script and/or its intended reach (the location and duration of broadcast). For Australian broadcast please get in touch with the lovely Emma and she'll work with you to determine a rate that fits for all. 


What do you bring to the microphone?

  • Solid experience recording all kinds of voiceover and being directed by world-class creatives for international brands

  • Extensive Improvisational Theatre (Impro) training in the Keith Johnstone method

  • Many hours of individual coaching in professional voiceover technique


Tell us about yourself

When I was 6 my mum used to put me in front of an old reel-to-reel tape recorder, and I would record my little heart out until the tape finished. At other times I would entertain myself (and annoy my family) by mimicking the time announcer (you know the one that said ‘on the third stroke it will be…’)!


Voiceover goes way back in my family – my grandmother and great-grandmother were pioneers of the early radio broadcasts of the ABC in Tasmania, recording children’s programs and doing their own sound effects.


I love the medium of recording and the potential it offers to play and draw out the beauty, comedy or zany that’s behind a seemingly plain string of words.


In high school, my dream career was to be a radio announcer, but alas I didn't think that was "sensible" enough so I studied Speech Pathology instead (very useful and sensible). I completely admire those who have the conviction and courage to follow their dream from a young age.

I later did 2 years of a Bachelor of Theology, which was incredible for many reasons, (not least because it helped fill the liberal arts hole in my education) but that's another story. After a bit of life experience (including living in Cooktown, visiting remote indigenous communities for speech therapy outreach, having 3 babies, and riding my motorbike around Sydney's Inner West - not in that order) I took the jump into voiceover, and as they say, the rest is history.

Other random stuff I'm a little bit obsessed with: Lord of the Rings, nicecream, weekly 'sanity' beach trips, stonesoup cooking, getting my children to do more for themselves, butter, good classic books, selfcare (i.e. escaping my kids).