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Why hire Jen now for  eLearning?

  1. She’s a professional narrator who understands the importance of conversational delivery for learner engagement

  2. She has experience recording hundreds of hours of content ranging from the serious and authoritative, to the light and playful

  3. She intuitively gets the nuances of tone right, making her an ideal choice for topics that need a sensitive delivery

  4. She’s a trained speech pathologist with knowledge of medical terminology 

  5. She’ll record a sample of your content, and if the tone or pace is not what you envisioned, she is excellent at taking on feedback

  6. She will review your script before recording, and quickly sort out any issues or pronunciations 

  7. She records from her own broadcast studio, and produces ready-to-go high quality audio

  8. She works speedily to exceed your expectations

  9. She’s available for long-term partnerships

  10. She’s reliable and produces consistent, solid results.

If you're an instructional designer, eLearning developer, learning specialist or involved in any kind of electronic learning, I'd love to meet you. Send me a message now to say hi, even if you haven't got a script ready :)

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