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Jennifer Mary.
100% Natural, Australian
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Goodby soulless AI and hello heart that actually connects



Everyone likes a good neighbour and the human signals of mutual understanding we give each other to support that relationship.


It could be a wave over the fence. 

Brief. Smiling. A friendly sign of footpath camaraderie. 


Or, you might find each other in the local park or the biscuit aisle in the supermarket.

Your conversations and confessions are a surprising emotional deep dive in 30 seconds. 

The connection is immediate and all of sudden you realise there’s more to this fence line friend.


Jen Mary’s connection to script and subject is immediate too. 


Just like the new neighbourhood friend you want to spend more time with, she is a welcome link between common sense and compassion. And that is the gold nugget standard that voice talent strives for, but few reach.  She has the vocal ability of understanding an audience and speaking to them and not down at them.


Listen again to her commercials, e-learning, instructional audio and hear the audio equivalent of a vocal tap on the shoulder to help you through something you don’t understand or may have heard for the first time. She’s there right beside you to help you navigate a medical device, an IT protocol or the latest appliance to improve your home. 


For her impressive list of local and international clients, Jen Mary’s voice has always been the private conversation they want to have with their valued customers to encourage them to buy or try. Of course, something new can also be a risk. This is where Jen excels again, as a product or process spokesperson, she is always aware of that commercial responsibility and is careful to always understand the brief, the audience and the message of the product or the service. She has earnt client trust by her professionalism in every project she undertakes. 

Fusion Health Immunity
Edge Early Learning


After auditioning a number of voice artists Jen’s voice really stood out from the crown. She conveys a real warmth and freshness that really cuts through. She comfortably handles a range of scripts for us, from the warm and emotive to the more direct hard sell. I know whatever I throw at her Jen will deliver a great read that conveys just the emotion I’m looking for, and she’ll do it with style and grace.

Craig, National Radio Content Manager

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